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Harley Hamilton Studio works across a broad range of disciplines and trades, materials and contexts. The practice is informed by the scope of projects encountered that have given shape to adaptive working processes that celebrate pluralism and the personal.

Our works to date include architectural design and construction, interior design with carpentry and joinery services, product design and fabrication. It is through this vantage of several vistas that we see our projects sharpened as one pursuit provides feedback for another, forming a visual language that is at once diverse and specific to each commission. 

The studio is process driven and is committed to carrying out both the design and construction stages in order to ensure highly resolved built fabric and attentive client relationships. 



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Harley studied architecture at RMIT whilst working for several design studios and later with a residential design-construct team. Each of these builds were seen through from foundations and set out to joinery and finishings and in the process illuminated the essential joy in the fundamental principles of creating spaces. This period was followed by work as a furniture maker, cabinet maker and later producing sculpture, seeking to garner greater understanding of the crafts and trades as well as material dexterity and constraints. Harley Hamilton Studio was established in 2018.



List of works / employment:

Restoration and documentation - private residence - Central Victoria

Documentation and construction works for historic residence.

Status - in progress

Client - Private

Area - 110m2

Product development - Cast Palladiana

Design and fabrication

Status - in progress

Client - Tigmi Trading 


Architectural design - private residence - Central Victoria

Design and contract admin for three bedroom residence

Status - in progress

Client - Private

Area - 150m2

Architectural design - private residence - Central Victoria

Design , carpentry and joinery for a residential extension.

Status - Complete 2020

Client - Private

Area - 110m2

Interior design - private residence - Central Victoria

Design, construction and installation of joinery for kitchen and adjoining rooms

Status - Complete 2021

Client - Private

Area - 20m2

Joinery & carpentry - private residence - Sydney

Construction/installation of joinery for kitchen and bath rooms

Status - Complete 2019

Client - Private

Area - 15m2

Joinery & carpentry - private residence - Melbourne

Joinery and carpentry restoration work of historically significant estate house

Status - complete 2019

Client - Private

Area - 80m2

Joinery & carpentry - private residence - Central Victoria

Joinery and carpentry for a bed stay shed conversion and artists studio

Status - complete 2018

Client - Private

Area - 70m2

Architectural assistant. 2018 - 2019. Casual / sub contractor. Office of culture, technology and Architecture OCTA

Sculptors assistant. 2016 - 2018. Full time / sub contractor. Bruce Armstrong

Glass worker. 2016 - 2017. Part Time / sub contractor. Mark Douglass Designs

Cabinet maker. 2015 - 2016. Full time. Cantilever Interiors

Furniture maker & site labourer. 2013 - 2015. Part time. Goodsir & Otto

Architectural assistant. 2013 - 2015. Part time. Schored Projects

Architectural assistant. 2012 - 2013. Part time. Gunn Dyring Architects 

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